Stream Warrior is a YouTube Live subscription notification program for Windows created in the Game Maker Language, a versatile scripting language originally designed for creating games. It integrates the YouTube and Gmail APIs to show customizable subscriber alerts to users, for use in video streaming software.

2D Physics Roller

This is a Box2D physics rolling game made in Game Maker  featuring a level editor. Level objects can be made using any image, and the software will use an ear-clipping algorithm to convert the object into polygon data. Level objects can then be placed and rotated in a level, and saved into JSON format.

Cyber Moe Star Prototype

This is a prototype for an RPG / dungeon-crawling game featuring procedurally generated characters and 2D dungeons, as well as basic inventory management. One feature not shown is the ability to transcribe character data into a trading card image by means of basic steganography.

UDP Networking Experiment

This is a basic UDP client-server networking experiment. The client's input is buffered and sent to the server, who returns an object's x and y coordinates. A more efficient way to do real-time networking, however, would be to instead send the client's x and y deltas in sequence, and have them verified by the server.

Joseph Barron

Artist & Developer